New School Update

It is with much pleasure and excitement that we announce that Fairbrother PtyLtd had been awarded the contract to build our new school.  Their tender came under budget which means that the entire project is now fully funded with no part having to be omitted.  This is a wonderful outcome and means that all our fund-raising efforts can now concentrate on funding all the 'extras' such as playground equipment, garden/maintenance equipment, furnishings, oval development etc.  Fairbrother expect to commence building within the next couple of weeks with an expected finishing date of August/September 2019.  An official 'turning the sod' ceremony has been planned for the 19th April.

Our School

Warrnambool Special Developmental School is a centre of excellence providing individualised programs for students with an intellectual disability.

The school caters for children aged between 5-18 in a small group environment in line with the Victorian Department of Education Curriculum (The Victorian Essential Learnings). Each student has an Individual Learning Plan.

Principal’s message

Welcome to Warrnambool Special Developmental School.

Warrnambool SDS is an innovative and vibrant school that is highly regarded for its educational programs and highly skilled staff. The school improves outcomes for students through a curriculum that focuses on the learning of academic, technological and social skills. The goal for our students is for each one to reach their highest potential and become responsible, valued, and productive global citizens and life-long learners.

Duke of Ed

Our Duke of Ed students teamed up with the Friends of Tower Hill for some grass planting on Thursday. Tower Hill is a huge area and can easily be overcome by non-native shrubs and weeds. The Friends of Tower Hill are a voluntary group that helps to maintain Tower Hill by replacing non-native and invasive weeds with native grasses and trees. It was a great opportunity for our Duke of Ed students to see how much work needs to go into a place like Tower Hill, to maintain it and keep it looking amazing for the public to visit, and for our native animals to live in. The students removed weeds, dug up the soil and planted lots of native grasses. The Friends of Tower Hill were very happy with the effort the kids put in. Hopefully we can forge a relationship with this group and do a lot more work.

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