Our School

Warrnambool Special Developmental School is a centre of excellence providing individualised programs for students with an intellectual disability.

The school caters for children aged between 5-18 in a small group environment in line with the Victorian Department of Education Curriculum (The Victorian Essential Learnings). Each student has an Individual Learning Plan.

The school is divided into 4 sub-schools; Early Years (P-4); Middle Years (9-10); and Transition to Post-School options (11-12).

Each sub-school is led by the assistant principal and leading teachers.  The leadership team, together with the principal, is fully supported by the staff team and the school community.

Students are well supported by teachers, therapists and teacher assistants.  Classes are fully engaged in learning activities that are improving outcomes for individuals.  Some of our students have dual enrolement at a mainstream school when this has been deemed beneficial for the student's learning program.

The oldest students who are deemed capable, undertake components of the Certificate in Work Education through the South-West TAFE, as well as being involved in a comprehensive work experience program.