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24 Jul
Pupil Free Day
Date 24.07.2020

Merri River Platters

Here is Andrew and Josh working hard on Merri River Platters/Cheeseboards to commemorate the new school name. These will be for sale in the next week or so. Stay tuned. Blade is also pictured, showing off his cat scratching posts that he made from scratch using off cuts of wood and left over AstroTurf from the old school. Good stuff Blade!

War On Waste

As part of our commitment to Sustainability and Resourcesmart we have purchased new 40 litre bins for each pod, the kitchen and staffroom. Students and staff are encouraged to put their rubbish into the correct bin. Hopefully the Landfill Bins will have very little waste put into them!! Our new bins, together with worm farms in each section of the school, ensures our waste is minimized and utilized where possible.

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