WWEB Patrol News

On Monday afternoon our ResourceSmart Schools Facilitator, Natasha Mills visited our school to assist us with our Annual Waste Audit.  The Waste Audit gives the school a snapshot of the type and quantity of waste we are collecting in our recycling and landfill bins. 

Students from across the school gathered in the junior playground wearing protective gloves and assisted Natasha to empty bins onto a large tarp and sort the rubbish into plastics, soft plastics, paper and cardboard, food waste and rubbish to landfill.  It was a messy task and the students must be congratulated for their enthusiasm, interest and concern regarding the waste we produce.

The contents of the bin were 52% landfill waste, 38% recycling waste and 10% soft plastic.

All students and staff are encouraged to use the appropriate bin when they dispose of rubbish at school.

CONGRATULATIONS TO P6 for winning the ‘Signs in Classrooms’ competition. A Sign Audit conducted last week revealed that S6 had put up all of their signs reminding people to turn off lights, recycle right, turn off taps because ‘every drop counts’ and close doors when heaters are on.  S6 students won a free hot chocolate from the canteen.  Well done!

WWEB Patrol News

This term WWEB Patrol students are collecting plastic bottle tops for recycling by a company called ‘Envision.’  Supported by the Coca-Cola Foundation, Melbourne based not for profit Envision is in the process of turning bottle tops into prosthetic limbs. 

This is a great way to recycle our plastic bottle tops and prevent waste going to landfill.

Please collect your plastic bottle tops and send them into school with your child.  WWEB Patrol students will come around to classrooms to collect them.  Thank you  

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